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The "AV, Explained" Series

Welcome to our “AV – Explained” Series. In these series of emails we will do a deep dive into several aspects of the Adventure Valley experience that make us truly unique. Click an icon to jump right to a specific Episode, or scroll on to read them all!

We want to tell you about Radtagz, our unique summer experience memento and awards program rolled into one!

Radtagz are our special way of building our campers’ and staff’s sense of accomplishment as well as recognizing their contributions to the camp community. We have three special tags that can only be earned through positive actions at camp.

One example is our Sunglasses Emoji tag. This fun tag is awarded for being a fully involved member of the camp community – but like ALL IN!

Each year the Sunglasses Emoji Tag can be earned in a different way. For Summer 2023, the tag can be earned at our Camper Appreciation Event on April 16th – so don’t forget to RSVP!

Along with our three special tagz that can be earned, campers and staff can add to their Radtagz bracelets with several fun tagz available for purchase in our tuck shop. Our campers love being able to personalize their Radtagz and commemorate their summer at Adventure Valley with these other tagz!

Radtagz are available for pre-purchase at our online camp store. Campers will receive their Radtagz on their first day of camp.


What material are the Radtagz made of?
The bracelets are 100% silicone and the tagz are stainless steel. Radtagz are built to last – while being worn by campers having fun at camp!

What other awards tagz can my child win?
Yes! We love that you are curious and want to know more about the program. We will be releasing each award on upcoming episodes of  “AV, Explained”

What if my child doesn’t have a Radtagz bracelet but wins one of the awards?
No problem! If a camper doesn’t have a bracelet, we give them their tag on a colourful piece of boondoggle which they can attach to their backpacks!

“My counsellors names are Cookie & Pinkie!” 

Yup, that’s not something you might hear every day. But it’s pretty normal at Adventure Valley! 




That’s right! All our Adventure Valley staff adopt their very own Camp Names. So don’t be surprised when your child(ren) come home telling you their counsellors’ names are Maui or Sunflower or Kermit! 


Why do we use Camp Names?  


  1. Camp Names add to the magic of camp! Using fun names helps create a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere that is playful and positive. Campers see that camp is a place to be silly and fun, where they can be anyone they want to be, and be accepted for who they are.
  2. Camp Names help us develop community: they are like the inside joke open to every camper and staff! Campers also get to envision themselves at camp long-term – we’ve had kids as young as five let us know what they want their Camp Name to be when they become staff!

For example, during camp, the campers and staff know Ashlee, our Camp Director as Ariel – like the Disney mermaid! 

PS – Feeling strange about calling your child’s counsellor by their Camp Name? No worries. It always feels a little strange while you’re getting used to it. We promise that this is how we’re known at camp – it’s what we call each other too. In fact, we’ve had many a waiter at a restaurant give us strange looks while we’re out with camp friends calling each other Piglet and Duckie! 


You know about Radtagz, you know about Camp Names… what other ridiculously fun things do we have up our sleeves? It’s time we tell you about Friday Fun Days – our weekly dress-up days!!

­Every week, we announce a specific theme for Friday Fun Day, and the entire camp comes dressed up according to theme! And we go ALL OUT!

Of course, it’s not mandatory to dress up, but it certainly adds to the spirit of fun and community if you send your child in a costume each week. Themes are chosen to allow for easy costumes that your child can create from what they already have at home mixed with equal parts of fun and creativity!

Each week, we reward the most creative and “all out” costumes with the coveted Silly Banana tag. The Silly Banana tag is one of our award tagz that campers can only earn. 

Let’s get those creative juices flowing, AVDC Family! Keep your eye on your inbox for theme announcements! 

At Adventure Valley, we go beyond summer fun to provide experiences that foster growth and develop the whole child. We focus on building life skills, like confidence, determination, kindness, and positivity.

And when we see a camper demonstrating awesome qualities, or making us proud with their significant growth over their time with us at camp, we want to tell them how awesome they are in a meaningful way, and give them a daily reminder of the wonderful camp citizen they have proven to be! 


Enter the Big Chair tag.


The Big Chair is a giant Muskoka chair that lives at Adventure Valley. It is an ideal spot to chat with a friend or have a photoshoot, and is much loved by campers, parents and staff of all ages! So, there is no better symbol to represent campers who show true Adventure Valley values over the course of their time with us! 

Each week, our staff have opportunities to nominate their campers for a Big Chair Award. The Leadership Team then finalizes the winners, which are announced on Friday at Schmooze. The Big Chair tag is one of our award tagz that campers can only earn.