10 Reasons Camp Is So Important For Every Child

Making the decision to invest in summer camp is not an easy one. Sending your child off for an adventurous day may seem intimidating and maybe a little overwhelming especially when it is your first time as a parent engaging with a summer camp! Premium camp programs, like Adventure Valley, place extra effort, time and resources into ensuring that you, the parent, have an equally spectacular experience as your child, and are as much a part of the camp community. These extra touches help to make the transition to summer camp easy and stress free for all!

In this article we’ll explain the benefits you can expect your child to gain as a result of summer camp, and why day camp matters. As you read through our ten key benefits below, you will gain the insights needed to make a more educated decision on whether you are ready for your child to experience camp.

Playtime is important for kids. Develop resilience and grit in children.

1. Develops Lifelong Skills

During summer camp, children participate in a variety of group activities. For example, while participating in a sport like volleyball or soccer, a child learns how to work on a team, communicate with other children and cooperate towards a common goal.

A child will develop stronger communication skills when dividing up tasks to complete a challenge at the nature and outdoor skills program. Perhaps a child will build important decision-making skills as they face challenges and overcome obstacles while trying new and exciting activities like low ropes and challenge games! All these skills are important in the real world and are nurtured in summer camp.

2. Promotes Independence

At camp, a child experiences time away from a parent in a relaxed social setting. This independent time is important in helping children develop a sense of identity. Kids learn to become more self-reliant as they explore their interests and discover their strengths and weaknesses. They learn to trust their inner voice instead of depending on a parent or teacher to tell them what to do. Independence is vital to becoming a self-sufficient adult.

Raising an independent child means teaching responsibility, encouraging exploration and providing a safe environment for a child to make decisions independently. Day camp nurtures all three of these elements from as young as 4 years old.

3. Makes Time for Play

Free play is important to a child’s development because they learn to develop creative thinking skills and explore their imagination through play. Playtime creates a safe place for children to express their thoughts and emotions, creating stronger and happier kids. They also learn to interact with the world around them, resolve conflicts, build negotiating skills and relieve stress. There are countless benefits to unstructured play, and it’s a fun way to make new friends.

4. Teaches Resiliency

Resiliency is an essential life skill because to be resilient means to get up and push forward after an inevitable setback.

Camp provides the opportunity for children to face many challenges and to practice overcoming challenges. For example, they might not win their first soccer game, but they will learn that practice will make them a better player. Or, they might not be able to hit a bullseye at archery right away, but they will learn not to give up and to keep trying. Learning new hobbies also teaches positive outlets to cope with life struggles.

Push children outside their comfort zone and let them thrive. Kids need camp.

5. Provides Fun Screen-Free Activities

Kids and adults are spending too much time in front of a screen. In total, children spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen, whether that be on a mobile device, in front of a TV or at a computer playing a video game.

Camp helps children connect to the joy of life beyond the screen. In all our camp programs, children will have endless opportunities to engage their minds in ways they’ll enjoy.

6. Fosters Growth & Builds Self Esteem

One of the biggest benefits of summer camp is it takes children out of their comfort zone and pushes them to try new things, as well as explore already established interests. They will grow as they develop their skills doing their favorite activities, and they will develop new skills as they try activities they have never tried before.

At summer camp, children have the opportunity to achieve, whether that be to paint their first painting or be the first to hit the bullseye in a less competitive environment than school. Achievement is the main ingredient in self-esteem.

7. Nurtures Friendships

Kids get to meet other children with similar interests in a relaxed setting at camp. They also get to meet new friends with different backgrounds. Children bond over their camp experience, the challenges they face together and the fun they have free of pressure and media distraction to build genuine friendships that last.

8. Teaches Kids to Respect Differences

In summer camp, children will learn to work with other children to accomplish common goals, whether that be to build a shelter or win a baseball game. While engaged in a variety of activities, children will gain exposure to different viewpoints and opinions. They will learn to accept not everyone has the same perspective or beliefs they do. They will also learn that to accomplish a goal with others, or to live and play in harmony, they must respect and work with differences. At camp, children get praise for including others and behaving respectfully.

9. Promotes Growth in a Safe Environment

Camp provides a safe, comforting and structured environment. Campers follow a schedule and routine, which provides a sense of security. This structure also teaches responsibility and self-control.

When a child feels safe and secure, they feel free to explore their interests, to play and to laugh. Camp gives kids a chance to express themselves and learn who they are. Adventure Valley focuses on community, by establishing a two week minimum attendance, our camp is able to provide a place where our campers feel at home. A greater sense of community teaches a child they can make a difference that matters. Also, community involvement gives children a sense of belonging. Belonging combats loneliness and improves overall well-being for us all.

10. Allows Much Needed Time Away from Home

Don’t hate me for saying this, but our kids need time away from us! And you know what…we benefit from this time away too! As humans we simply need community beyond our immediate family. Adults find these communities at work, the Crossfit box, cycling clubs, walking groups, the ski club etc.  Kids need their own communities, of which school is a great one! In summertime, camp becomes that community for our kids.

The benefits of summer day camp are endless and can last a lifetime. Not only will your child return from camp with greater independence and a stronger sense of identity, but they will also have developed new skills, made new friends and created memories they will cherish forever.

So, Are You Ready To Send Your Child To Summer Camp?


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