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Adventure Valley Day Camp recognizes the importance of strong summer staff in the delivery of an unforgettable summer camp experience.  It’s our staff (so many of whom return year after year) – cultivating cooperation, kindness, and friendship – who build the foundation of a strong camp community. As a team, our staff continues to challenge itself: how can we make each day unforgettable? How can we bring our campers closer together?

We know we’ve done our job if our campers never want the day to end, never want the summer to be over, never want to lose the feeling they belong – just the way they are.

We treat our staff like family and support each other all day, every day. We know that our staff, more than any other single factor, make AV the incredible camp that it is.

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Our staff are selected for their leadership ability, skills, experience and ability to engage in outrageous camp fun. What stands out for us is good character, a sense of humour, a passion for fun, strong communication skills and a keen interest in spending time outside, with kids, having a blast!

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