Health & Wellness

Safety and Security

Our senior staff team are all outfitted with two way radios for easy communication throughout the day! Additionally,  Adventure Valley Day Camp strictly enforces a uniform policy for all staff members. This is to ensure that our staff are easily recognized by our campers and parents.

Health Centre

Our Health Center is a pit stop where your child can take their daily medication, or a place to go when they need some extra care while at camp. Our health center staff are current nursing students or graduates and choose to spend their summer at camp caring for your child(ren). They have every child and staff person’s well-being as their priority. Our health centre team will never hesitate to connect with camp parents when needed to ensure they are up to date on any issues their child has communicated.

Safety & Hydration

The importance of sun protection and hydration is not taken lightly at Adventure Valley. We spend a significant portion of our staff training on the topic and our health centre staff remind our campers and staff daily of the importance of self care. We want all our staff and campers to enjoy the outdoors safely. Hydration Water Stations are visited throughout the camp day and we have programmed sunscreen application into each day.


Safety and inclusion are top priorities at Adventure Valley Day Camp. Our camps are committed to being allergy-safe. While our camps are not allergen-free, we strive to make our camp environments as safe as possible for children with food allergies using a customized approach and working closely with each family, the child, and our staff to create an action plan that allows everyone to feel safe and well cared for.  All staff participates in a group Epipen training session prior to the summer, and staff who will work directly with a child with Anaphylaxis will complete a second one-on-one training session with our Camp Health Centre Team.

Please note, at Adventure Valley the following food policies apply:

  • No sharing of food. 
  • No outside food is allowed on site. 
  • We are not able to guarantee 100% allergy free site as campers and staff eat breakfast at home and may bring traces of allergens to camp.

Emotional Safety

Camp is the place where we get to express ourselves in our most authentic way. Year after year we witness the emotional safety our campers and staff feel while at camp. We applaud each and every camper and staff for their uniqueness, for their spirit, for their playfulness, for their empathy and their character.  When you feel accepted for every aspect of who you are, you feel safe. When you feel safe, you test your own boundaries, you dip your toe outside your comfort zone, you learn about yourself and grow! 

At Adventure Valley we are very intentional with our culture and community building. We are inclusive, we are trustworthy, we care about the whole person, and the whole family.