Bunnies Week 5

We sang and danced our way through week 5! How fitting for the week of our Broadway costume day!

This week in recording our bunnies went into the booth to sing their hearts out with Clownz! We also had Bandology start with us this week! The bunnies were singing and drumming along to some new songs!

Arts & Crafts had the Bunnies creating their own bubble wands and bubble paintings. They had so much fun they could pop!

We also had Little Yogi’s Academy back with us this week. Campers learned to calm their bodies and take a mindful moment!

Crazy science was slime creation! I saw lots of colourful goopy fun had by our bunnies during that!

We closed our week with our big chair awards celebrating EXCEPTIONAL camper behaviour and our silly bananas to celebrate some FANTASTIC DIY costumes!

We only have three more weeks left to jam pack with laughter, fun and memories!

Head of Bunnies & Sunshine