Bunnies Week 6

Although Week 6 is one of our shorter weeks, there was certainly no loss of fun at AVDC! Our Bunnies ensured they jam-packed our 4 day week with so many activities and lots of giggles, silliness and fun!

This week we had our friends from Reptilia come in. We met Iggy, Lemonade, and so many other slithering visitors! We learned some fun facts and even got to touch our new friends!

Nature with Hiccup had our Bunnies looking around camp for items to check off their passports! They ran from one end of camp to the other and still had energy for the rest of the day’s activities!

There were many bracelets made this week during beadology and such wonderful pictures – exploring colour mixing and finger painting – in arts and crafts.

We closed our week with our big chair awards celebrating STUPENDOUS camper behaviour and our silly bananas to celebrate some FANTASTIC DIY Seasons-themed costumes!

Thanks for another wonderful week campers. Only two more left to laugh, sing, and create memories at AVDC – let’s make the most of them!

Head of Bunnies & Sunshine