Kangas Week 8

How has it been eight weeks of camp already? What an amazing summer it has been and it is hard to believe it is over! It has been a summer filled with laughter, silliness, fun and memories that will last a lifetime. This week in Kangas, we could feel the bittersweet embrace of the last week of camp, but we have made the most of every moment, and it’s time to celebrate the incredible adventures we’ve shared over these sunny months. 

This week, Kangas kicked off with a burst of color as they embarked on a tie-dye adventure! Shirts of every hue now adorn the closets of the Kangas, each one telling a unique story of creativity and individuality. During cartooning, we embarked on a quest to explore creativity from every angle, we transformed ordinary buttons into extraordinary works of art. Kangas got to craft their own unique designs, ensuring our summer memories are pinned firmly in place. 

This week, Kangas were able to experience some magic with our special guest WonderPhil! Our jaws dropped and eyes widened as we were treated to a mesmerizing show. Illusions, tricks, and pure wonder filled the air, reminding us that magic exists even outside the realm of fairy tales. With kaleidoscope shakers in hand, we explored the world through a different lens during arts and crafts. The colors and patterns danced before our eyes, mirroring the kaleidoscope of experiences we’ve had this summer! 

The rhythmic beats of our drums echoed through the summer air when Bandology came to visit. Whether we were drumming in harmony or letting our own unique rhythms shine, the power of music brought us closer together. Our adventurous spirit took flight during scavenger hunts this week with Quests with Koda. Exploring the great outdoors, we followed clues and solved puzzles, creating memories of teamwork and discovery. 

During Schmooze this week, we kicked things off with a balloon volleyball pass for our Monday Minute to Win it challenge. For Tuesday Trivia, we had a blast learning new facts about the AVDC family. We closed off our August Wednesday Warrior with a BINGO style game, where counselors had to compete in fun challenges. To close off our Thursday Thingys, we had a roaring Lip Sync battle. To close off our final Schmooze of the summer, we celebrated some amazing costumes and big chair winners! 

As we bid adieu to summer, let’s remember that the memories we’ve made will stay with us forever. Thank you for being a part of this incredible summer journey. Although the season may be ending, the friendships and experiences we’ve gained will continue to shine bright. Here’s to the end of a remarkable summer and the promise of many more adventures to come. Until we meet again, keep the spirit of summer alive in your hearts. 


Kangas Unit Head