Radtagz Band


***2024 BANDS ARE PURPLE!***

Radtagz bands are our unique summer experience memento and awards program rolled into one!

Radtagz are our special way of building our campers’ and staff’s sense of accomplishment as well as recognizing their contributions to the camp community. We have four special tags that can only be earned through positive actions at camp.

Along with our three special tagz that can be earned, campers and staff can add to their Radtagz bracelets with several fun tagz available for purchase in our tuck shop. Our campers love being able to personalize their Radtagz and commemorate their summer at Adventure Valley with these other tagz!

The bracelets are 100% silicone and the tagz are stainless steel. Radtagz are built to last – while being worn by campers having fun at camp!

All Camp Swag will be delivered to your child on their first day of camp. 

199 in stock