A Message from Ariel

Download, print and colour in this colouring page!

Take your masterpiece to somewhere you want to show off your AVDC Spirit – your school, your dance studio, your soccer team – wherever! Send us a photo (via email or tag us on social media) of you and your colouring page in that location and you’ve earned your very first Tag! 

Wait! What are Radtagz??

Radtagz are our unique summer experience memento and awards program all rolled in one! This program is designed to help build your sense of accomplishment and recognize your contributions to the camp community. You can decorate your Radtagz bracelet with our super fun Tagz, which you can buy at the Tuck Shop at camp. 

This is a great way to personalize your Radtagz and commemorate your summer at Adventure Valley!

But, there are three special Tagz that can only be earned through positive actions at camp.

And guess what? You can earn one of these Tagz before camp even begins! 😮

The Sunglasses Emoji Tag is earned by showing camp spirit outside of camp, and each year we introduce a new challenge or two to earn your Tag. Some campers have already earned their Sunglasses Emoji Tag at our Camper Appreciation Event back in April – but don’t worry! Now you have another chance to win! 

Radtagz are available for pre-purchase at our online Camp Store, and campers will receive their Radtagz (and their Sunglasses Emoji Tag, if they’ve earned it!) on their first day of camp. The bracelets are made of 100% silicone, and the Tagz are stainless steel. Radtagz are built to last while being worn by campers having fun at camp!

Showing off AVDC Spirit...

At my favourite park!

In my neighbourhood!

At the Halton Waste Management site!

At my favourite park!